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SnapTik Douyin - Douyin Video Downloader (Chinese TikTok)

China Tiktok Video Download Without Watermark • Full HD • Online • MP4 & MP3

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SnapTik Douyin – Download Douyin videos without watermark

SnapTik Douyin – a free tool to download videos on Douyin for everyone. With this tool, users can be supported to download videos without logo or watermark but with full HD in quality of those videos. Users can also download in any file format and easily use the tool on any smart device.

1. Instruction to download Douyin video without watermark

SnapTikDouyin has one way to download videos on all devices, such as mobile (iPhone, Android), computer. Here is the instruction with only 3 steps:

Step 1: Copy the link of video you want to download

Open Douyin → Select the video that you want to download → Select the arrow pointing to the right (the Share icon, like TikTok) → Choose Copy link (the chain icon)

SnapTik Douyin - Free Douyin video downloader without watermark

Step 2: Paste the link in SnapTik Douyin

After getting the link of video Douyin, go to SnapTik Douyin → Paste the link in the box → Select Download Now

How to download Douyin videos with SnapTik Douyin

Step 3: Download video Douyin into your device

In this step, users choose the format they want to download! There are 4 file formats:

  • No watermark.mp4 (Format MP4, no watermark)
  • No watermark (HD).mp4 (Format MP4, no watermark, full HD)
  • Watermark.mp4 (Format MP4, watermark)
  • Music.mp3 (Music file format MP3)

SnapTik Douyin - Douyin video downloader

2. Outstanding Features of SnapTik Douyin

SnapTikDouyin is one of the tools to help users download Douyin videos quickly and conveniently with many outstanding features included, such as:

  • Completely remove logo, watermark, user’s ID on video
  • HD picture quality, no reduction in size or sound distortion
  • Download in multiple formats (MP3, MP4)
  • Works on multiple devices (Smartphone, PC, Laptop, Tablet…)
  • Unlimited number of downloads by users
  • Completely free

Frequently asked questions

The answer is NO! SnapTikDouyin is an online Douyin video downloader, so your device (phone, Laptop, computer, tablet) must be connected to the internet to be able to download Douyin videos.
Downloaded videos are usually saved in the default location on your device. If it's a computer, you can find videos in the Downloads folder, while you can find them in the Library if you use mobile phone. This default location depends on your previous device installation, which can be changed if desired.

Depends on the quality of the internet you are using: strong network, fast download speed and vice versa. In addition, the download speed depends on other factors, such as: Original video quality, length of the video.

With SnapTikDouyin, users do not have to wait too long to download the video to the device, it only takes 30s - 50s.

The answer is NO! Snap Douyin ensures that all Douyin videos after downloading retain the original video quality, no size reduction, no blurring or broken images.

However, in case the original video is of low quality, the downloaded image will also be low, SnapTik Douyin cannot convert the video from SD quality to HD quality.

The inability to download Douyin videos to your device usually comes from the following reasons, you can find out and fix it:

  • The link you copied is not correct
  • Your internet network is unstable or losing your network
  • Download device is freezing, overloaded or unable to tap
  • Errors from SnapTikDouyin application.

If you have fixed these errors and still can't download Douyin videos to your device (or have any questions related to SnapTikDouyin or downloading Douyin videos), please leave a comment below, we will support you! Thank you for your distribution!